Orta Avrupa Film Festivali

 Orta Avrupa Film Festivali

24-28 Kasım 2015 tarihleri arasında düzenlenecek olan , Fantastik 4’lü – Orta Avrupa Film Festivali‘ne tüm film severleri davet etmekten mutluluk duyarız.

Mekan: Macar Kültür Merkezi

Tüm film gösterimleri ücretsizdir.

2015. november 24-28 között megrendezésre kerülő Közép-Európai Filmfesztiválra mindenkit szeretettel várunk.

Helyszín: Isztambuli Magyar Intézet

Minden film ingyenesen megtekinthető.


Tuesday 24 November, 18:00
The Fabulous World of Jules Verne
/Vynález zkázy/

The movie (also called An Invention for Destruction) is a 1958 Czechoslovak adventure film directed by Karel Zeman. Based on several works by Jules Verne, primarily his 1896 novel Facing the Flag, the film evokes the original illustrations for Verne’s works by combining live actors with various forms of animation. Vynález zkázy was featured at Expo 58 in Brussels, where it won the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival.

CZECH REPUBLIC (Czechoslovakia), 1959

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Wednesday 25 November, 18:00
Danse Macabre
and other short films from Poland

In cooperation with Krakow Film Foundation, we did a selection of twelve Polish short movies. The scope of authors ranges from well-renowned filmmakers born in the 1970s to emerging young shooting stars. The selection reflects on the festival theme of imagination and fantasy, and by doing so, it features especially animated films, a couple of horrors and poetic fairy-tales.

POLAND, 2005–2014

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Thursday 26 November, 18:00

Internationally successful Hungarian film directed by György Pálfi might by understood is a metaphorical socio-political retelling of Hungary’s history from the Second World War to the present day.The story is told by means of three generations of men from Hungary, beginning with a military orderly during the Second World War, moving on to an aspiring speed-eater during the Cold War, and concluding with a taxidermist during modern times. The film has elements of dark comedy and body horror.


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Friday 27 November, 18:00
Cat City /Macskafogó/

… In year 80 AM Anno Mickey Mouse, the mice of Planet X are threatened by humiliation and total apocalypse. The well-organized, fully equipped gangs of evil cats are aiming to wipe out the mouse civilization totally, not caring for the old conventions between mice and cats. But in the last moment, when the mouse leaders are beginning to consider leaving the planet, a new hope rises… 1986 Hungarian animated film, directed by Béla Ternovszky and written by József Nepp.


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Saturday 28 November, 11:00
Love in Your Soul /Láska na vlásku, SK/

The 2014 family film based on the novel by Mark Twain. The fairy-tales from Slovak production tells an adventurous story of prince Matěj and his look-alike tramp Tomáš. The plot covers their mutual exchange during the prince’s engagement with princess Beatrix.


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Saturday 28 November, 14:00
The Feather Fairy /Perinbaba/

An iconic Slovak fairy tale (also distributed under the name Lady Winter) narrates a story of Jakub, who through his courage, manages to trick death. The Feather Fairy, rules the world and also, being so open-hearted, raises little Jakub, who almost died in an avalanche. Life in the fairytale is perfect, the little boy is immortal, he doesn’t get older, and he has everything. He sees a young girl Alžbetka growing into a young lady, and he desires to be a normal person and live with his love.

SLOVAKIA (Czechoslovakia), 1985

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Saturday 28 November, 14:00
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
/Sen noci svatojánské, CZ/

The first puppet kinescope in the world from 1958. It is based on the famous poetic comedy by William Shakespeare. Three worlds meet in this story: the noble world of three Athens couples, a common popular world of tradesmen amateur theatre and a fairy-tale happiness of magic creatures as elves and nymphs. The film is considered the most remarkable Jiří Trnka’s work and a milestone in the history of the world animation. Because of his influence in animation, Trnka was called “the Walt Disney of Eastern Europe”.

CZECH REPUBLIC (Czechoslovakia), 1958
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