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Serbia and Belgrade about ;

The basic characteristic of Serbian tourist offer is diversity, namely a great variety of tourist resources,

well preserved environment, the richness and significance of its cultural and historical heritage, as well as the hospitality and the friendliness of its people.

As it is located in the centre of the Balkans Peninsula, Serbia has always been at the crossroads of the west and the east.

Therefore, it was always attacked by a lot of invaders who wanted its great position for themselves.

In addition, Serbian moderate continental climate is suitable for breeding wide range of different plant species.

Danube River is almost 600 kilometers long through Serbia, which provides connection to distant seas and oceans.

From the agricultural regions of the Pannonian Plain in the north, across the fertile river valleys and orchard-covered hills of Sumadija, the landscape of Serbia continues southward, gradually giving way to mountains rich in canyons, gorges and caves, as well as well-preserved forests.Many times during its rich, centuries-long history, Serbia has been at the centre of Europe’s and the world’s attention, out of all proportion to its modest size, economic might and number of inhabitants. Many lessons on bravery, patriotism and the struggle for freedom can be learned wherever you turn in Serbia, as you pass through its cities and regions.

The cultural and historical heritage of Serbia begins with prehistoric archaeological sites such as Sirmium and Viminacium. It continues to mediaeval churches and monasteries, some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list such as Studenica monasteryStari Ras and SopocaniMedieval Monuments in Kosovo.

All year round, numerous cultural, entertainment, traditional and sporting events are held in Serbia, demonstrating the creative power and spiritual vitality of this country.

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia;






It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has been an important crossing of the ways where the roads of eastern and western Europe meet since ancient times.

The city lies on two international waterways, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Name Belgrade literary mean the White City.

For administrative purposes, Belgrade is divided into 17 city municipalitiesof which 10 are urban municipalities and 7 are suburban.

Geographically, Belgrade comprises three areas: Old Town on the right bank of the Sava and Danube, New Belgrade on the left bank of the Sava, and Zemun on the banks of the Danube beyond New Belgrade.

Belgrade Fortress is the oldest cultural and historical landmark in Belgrade. Also of interest to tourists are Skadarlija, the central bohemian quarter; the Residence of Princess Ljubica, Captain Misa’s Building, the Old Palace and New Palace, the Serbian National Assembly building and the Cathedral of Saint Sava.Numerous local and international theatre, film, music and other cultural events make Belgrade an important cultural centre.

Belgrade is also host to numerous national and international conferences and fairs.
The multi-purpose Sava Centre is one of the most attractive venues for conferences and cultural events in this part of Europe.
Over 40 international fairs are held each year at the Belgrade Fair.Belgrade was declared by Lonely Planet as Europe’s no 1 party capital.

Novi Sad;







Novi Sad sits at the crossing of important roads, and due to frequent migrations during its troubled past, many nationalities, cultures and religions mixed in.

The real treasure of the city lies in this cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.

It lies on bank of the Danube river. During the summer months, people pack the Strand, one of the Danube’s finest beaches, and a series of street festivals and other events keep the good vibes going well into the autumn.

To most foreigners, Serbia’s second city of Novi Sad is synonymous with one thing and one thing only, the annual Exit Festival. While Exit is undoubtedly one of Europe’s foremost music events – both in terms of the level and diversity of the artists it attracts, as well as its truly unique venue at Petrovaradin Fortress – the city and surrounding area have more to offer than arguably anywhere else in Serbia or even the wider region.
Nearby Fruska Gora mountain with splendid open air activities, charming little town of Sremski Karlovci with historically significant sites and buildings, numerous farmhouses serving tasty domestic products and endless plains of vineyards make the great visiting package.







Serbia is ranking itself among the richest areas in the world for its natural healing factors, including some 300 so far known and examined springs of different curative mineral waters, as well as over 20 health with exceptional healing and ecological values.The largest numbers of these waters have different application possibilities and a wide range indication area, and all together refer to almost all diseases of contemporary mankind.

Quite often, the springs are accompanied with the appearance of medicinal gases and mud, as a result of interaction of waters and soil in their surroundings.Spas in Serbia have been adjusting to contemporary needs of visitors so that they have gradually become fantastic tourist resorts surrounded by unspoilt nature. This is why nowadays people visit them throughout a year seeking rest or recovery.


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